Freshly installed Leap doesn't boot, 'A start job is running for dev-disk-by'

I installed Leap 42.2 along with windows. When Leap is booting it stops after a certain point and idles at the following message:

A start job is running for dev-disk-by\x2duuid<a bunch of characters> (<timer’s going up>/ no limit)

The most i waited was 20 minutes or so and nothing happened.
Any help would be appreciated.

Did you set Windows to mount? if so be sure that fastboot is off in Windows

I checked, it’s off.

How did you install it? Back to the beginning: Is this the first time you have installed it on this drive?

With the DVD installer? Or…?

Sorry, I wasn’t exactly watching you while you installed, was looking elsewhere.:wink:


Very first time install on this drive from DVD. I have 2 HDDs (one SSD and one HDD) in my machine, I created a ~30GB partition on the second one with Wondows10’s Disk Management tool (i.e. on the regular HDD) and had the Leap installed there. During installation i left everything in default. Before installation though i had to physically disconnect the SSD otherwise Leap would not find any hard drive in my machine. After installation Windows is running fine, if i wanted to boot Leap i have to press F12 to get to the boot options. Here i select Leap, it starts to boot up then it gets stuck at the step I described above.

E-h-h … I read it that if you boot with both SSD and HDD, HDD is not found. But that is exactly what message in subject tells you …

This kinda makes sense. Do you think the HDD is not mounted yet this is why the GRUB can’t find it?

Message does not come from GRUB. Apparently your firmware does find it, otherwise you could not start to boot. But - then kernel has some issues. Can you boot CD, DVD or USB stick with some live distro to verify? Tumbleweed should have quite recent kernel for this.