freshclam hangs

For a couple of weeks now freshclam seems to hang while downloading the daily updates. It stops at daily-25380 and doesn’t move from there. My clamav version is 0.100.3

  1. Does anyone experience something similar?
  2. What can I do about it?

Any ideas anyone?

I have no personal experience with this. However, there’s a mailing list thread about the issue:

freshclam hangs at 100% CPU on Downloading daily-25380.cdiff

Thanks!! It seems to be my problem.

Unfortunately, the mailing list thread calls for deleting a file called


. This file does not exist in the given directory.

daily.cld and main.cvd

are both there. Which one should go?


Ask in the mailing list? Apparently that is where the gurus are for this case (not many people here use clamav. I assume).