fresh13.1 installsmplayer2needs codecs and gstreamerplugins,but can't find them

this is an inspironinstal just got it online!aded just packmanreproinstalledsmplayer2,probably from packman.wheni sawmissing codec mfssage and the list ofgstreamersneeded, i think i’v beenhere beforethe codec search failed.

what i think i remenber aboutthis from last timeis thatall the gstreamershad tobe uninstalledand replacedwith gstreamwers from onlypackmansomezypper whiz theregave me a code stringthat fixedthe problem! am i back to this again?

tsis time i ttried to take some screen shotsof themissing codec/plugin messagesi’lltry touse themfile:///home/frank/smplayer2/failed.toinstall.png

my comment!this doesn’t look lik it’s receivinn my png file!heboland

i have som other screen shotsif theyre of interest,bu guess i nffd some coaching to sed them i have lxde desktop, so i’m using gnome apps

When you do not know, how should we :wink:

Did you do the switch to Packman as advised in the stickies of the Multimedia forum (that is where this thread also should have been)?

And please chech your keyboard’s Space bar. The lack of spaces makes your post badly readable.

hvv,sorry about te legibility of my posts!i’v recentlyi suffered a physical impairmentthat changed my typing to a hunte rand pecker! i’ll try to do bette!ri’ll move to multimedia! i came here becausei thought i could find the old thread that fixed meup last time!

is thereany guidance postedthat tells how to attach an immage to a post?

thanks for your time!heboland.

I use smplayer like my favourite video player for a long time. But I never did any special installation of codecs or gstreamerplugins.

The only thing is adding of Packman repository and subsequent installation of smplayer + dependencies. That’s all.
Any problems with playing various video files so far.

YaST > Software > Software Management.

Then the View menu > Repositories. You get then a list of repositories at left. Click Packman. At right, above is a line saying something like:
Switching system packages to the versions …
At the beginning of that line you can click. It will then install all Packman versions instead of the original version of the Multi-Media software. And it will install all codecs that belong to it.

Please try that and report back.