fresh installation frozen during boot

After the bootloader selection, I am getting the following error and the screen freezes and fails to complete boot.

4.456251] ERST: Failed to get Error Log Address Range.
4.599928] APEI: Can not request [mem 0xbf77a860-0xbf77a8b3] for APEI BERT r
7.260429] usb usb1-port6: over-current condition

The screen hangs with only this displayed.

I have noticed the over-current before in an older version of Ubuntu, but ubuntu would ignore it and finish booting. Modern Ubuntu doesn’t report this error and boots perfectly. Trying to make the switch.

Motherboard : MB-X8DAH+F
Processor : XE-X5650BX
Ram : W13RX12GH
Video : 1070 GTX

Fresh tumbleweed install downloaded this morning directly from the opensuse web site.

First thing to try is the failsafe boot menu option. Also try appending nosmp and/or plymouth.enable=0 to the default menu selection (“e” key soon as boot menu appears).

An USB over-current condition is not a good thing, can you figure out why that is?

Remove some USB peripherals and once you installed openSUSE plug them back in one-by-one monitoring the “dmesg --follow” output. If you see a peripheral triggering the over-current give it a better check but keep in mind that also the combination of peripherals can trigger the over-current.

Likely a good idea to get yourself a powered USB hub and move some of the peripherals after that.