Fresh Install - Stuck at Login Screen

Hi all,

I’ve just installed LEAP 42.1 on a freshly formatted drive. When I get to the login screen and type my password, the screen goes black for a few seconds and then I end up back at the login screen. This is the same for both Plasma and IceWM DEs. I can login ok through the terminal at TTY1 so can access the system etc if I need to change any configuration. I’m assuming it’s an issue with graphics drivers or something similar. If it helps I’m running a Radeon HD 4850 so it’s a fairly old card.

I’m not new to Linux so am comfortable finding my way around however I am new to openSUSE - fancied a change with a KDE based distro and this was recommended.

Thanks for any feedback.

If you login via the tty as root user and check the log file /var/log/Xor.0.log should indicate errors, else journalctl -b or -x worth a peruse.

Also check it’s using the radeon driver;

/sbin/lspci -nnk | grep -A3 VGA

Thanks for your speedy reply!

According to the code you posted above I’m definitely using the radeon driver.

I checked for errors in the logs you mentioned and the only error code there states "Failed to load module “fglrx” but I’m not sure if this is the problem as in the next entry on the logs it successfully loads the radeon module.

The only thing that sticks out when running ‘journalctl -b’ is one line that states:

checkproc: can not get session id for process...

I’ve been nosing through the Wikis as well and not sure if this will help but running glxinfo gives:

error: unable to open display

Uninstall the fglrx package(s), I’m guessing you have the amd repo active?

zypper lr -d
zypper mr -d -R <number of amd repo>

With the old card, I would guess you need to build the old drivber if you really really want it, else stick with radeon.

If the gpu temperature gets hot, (Install sensors package), I have a systemd service that will set the power to low.