fresh install keeping home folder


i’m currently downloading the new release (dvd edition), and i would like to keep my previous home folder. i’ve done this previously, i usually rename the ‘home’ folder to ‘oldhome’, delete everything else and do a fresh install without formatting the partition (i use jfs). i have proper backups, of course, but i’ve never done this with the opensuse installer before, and i wouldn’t like to have to restore 80 gigabytes of data.

so if anyone has experience with this: will the installer leave the non-conflicting files alone?



You can do this for sure. When you are at the partition stage of the installer, you give the mount point of /home to your current /home (sdx where x=represent the lettre of your current partition) partition and uncheck the option to format the partition.

Ever since I got a separate /home partition, I have always done fresh installs and, though I have always made a backup beforehand, I have never needed to use it. The only issue is that, if you have more than one user you can avoid problems by adding them in the same order each time.

actually, i don’t have a separate /home partition, that’s why i’m worried. anyway, the opensuse installer is one of the few i mostly trust, so here’s to a successful install. (and if not, i always have backups. :slight_smile:

I hope you read this. Please do yourself a favor and install /home on a separate partition from now. Think about the entire partitioning thoroughly. Once you’ve done that, there’s no more worries about partitioning in a clean install than importing the mount points, setting the system volume to be formatted, done.

Take note of what he said. It will save you a lot of time.

well how much free space do you have available? If you have 10-20Gb then you can download Gparted LiveCD and make an unallocated partition for / (root) and SWAP without destroying your data. **CAVEAT BACKUP DATA FIRST **

:slight_smile: This is my week to pedal GParted – Welcome download ISOs. Download and burn a copy of Gparted. Carefully, follow the instructions for resizing, then make a partition for / (root) and 500mb-1.5Gb SWAP partitions. When your satisfied proceed to resize. Then reboot with OpenSuse DVD and install OS 11.3 to format / (root) but don’t format /home. You’ll have to use custom partitions option of the OS 11.3 partitioning.