Fresh install gnome settings fails to open and packagekit issues

To preface, I’m not very experienced with linux. I spent some time deciding which distribution I would run when I’m dual booting with Windows 10 and it was between EndeavourOS and openSUSE. I was running EndeavourOS for a little while without any major issues and wanted to give openSUSE a try today and it’s not been a smooth ride. I initially tried in it vmware but ran into too many issues such as installing the Dolphin file manager and the system freezing when trying to run it.

So, I’ve decided to run it off hardware and now there’s different issues. This is a fresh install with gnome as the DE and I have two issues right now. The settings app will not open. It initially opened, froze and now fails to open even after restarting. I looked up the issue and the recommended option is to update “zypper dup.” Unfortunately, this command has issues as well as I get “PackageKit is blocking zypper…” and “system management is locked by the application…” (packagekitd). Next I tried “zypper up” and the output was that there was nothing to do.

Any suggestions? This is a fresh install and yet I can’t properly update the OS or open settings.

You have not described how you installed.

Recently, when installing Leap 15.4, I accidentally made the mistake of installing only the Gnome base pattern and not the X11 and Wayland patterns. And settings did not work. After installing the missing parts, all was well.

Installed using the included gui installer application (calamares I think?). Both x11 and wayland were installed and both are options when logging in. The settings application cannot be opened running either display servers. I often get a dialog box that the application is not responding and to either wait or force quite.

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If packageKit is running, you can always kill the process or wait for it to finish (I disable it) and then run a zypper -vvv dup Are you running nvidia GPU by chance? Perhaps some more info on your hardware if the dup doesn’t resolve your issues.

I killed the process and was able to run the command, however there were no new updates. I decided to just install Leap instead and haven’t run into any issues yet. Perhaps Tumbleweed is too spicy for my tastes.

For reference, my hardware is an FX 8350, 16gb of ram and an AMD Radeon RX 5700.