Fresh install from DVD says no YaST.desktop.

When I look at the Task Bar there are often a couple of blank icons which when opened tell me that an application is not installed. This is what I expect as these applications I install from Yast when required.
What is not expected is the following message :-

Unable to run the command specified. The file or folder /usr/share/applications/YaST.desktop does not exist

Surely I would have expected YaST to be installed with Tumbleweed. Am I missing something or is all OK?

This Task Bar falls out of a clear sky. I assume you are running some Destop, but there is no explanation at all. We are not clairvoyant, nor should you assume that all openSUSE users run the system in the same way as you and thus immediatly understand what you are doing without them having the possibility to look over your shoulders.

On TW you have


Hi and yes you are correct, I do have /usr/share/applications/org.openSUSE.TaST.desktop on my system and Yast is installed and working. The question refers to the Error - Plasma window which opens when I click on the empty icon and the text which I quoted in my original post and which appeared “out of the blue” when my desktop opened after completing the new Tumbleweed installation.

It is either a glitch or it has been prompted by a hidden file in my /home directory, possibly .y2log or .y2usersettings, I assume the latter.

It is just that I have never seen this before with new installation. I shall unpin it from Task Manager but I wonder what was running to cause this error because I should stop it.

The link you created on the Task bar was old. Probably from Leap