fresh install + 2nd boot hangs at login KDE


I just installed back opensuse after a long time and well everything worked fine. Then after a restart I wanted to log back in but where I would see the login screen there is instead blocks of colors and my mouse is nothing but an orange box.

My graphics is nvidia 9600GT and the hardware profile shows that the graphic card is identified and the driver is installed. I am able to see that splash screen but at login I can’t make heads or tails of what is going on. I was able to go into command line and run yast and check the hardware again, everything seems okay.

I tried to startx but the screen just went blank.

By the way, what is the command to restart the desktop manager? I thought it was service gdm restart for gnome desktop. what is it for KDE?

Hi, welcome here

The command is

rckdm restart

but I don’t think that’s the problem. Can you boot through the Advanced option in GRUB2, then pick Failsafe? It could also be that the videocard has died. Boot from a DVD or LiveCD to see if that works normal.
If Failsafe works, add the NVIDIA repo, and install NVIDIA’s drivers.


Videocard is okay, because the dvd works and I can log into ubuntu as well. How do I add Nvidia repo from failsafe? Could I just do normal boot, go to tty1 and add the repo from yast?

But you should know, that after install, that automatic configuration ran for first boot and the nvidia driver was already installed. Now I don’t know if that is from the Nvidia repo or another source. But the first boot worked fine.

Ty for your help.

Or I used to do this earlier but haven’t had the need to yet…I can go to the nvidia website and download the driver and install it manually. What do you suggest?


I solved it. Just found out that I simply add community repositories and nvidia is listed right there. I managed to do it from yast. Did everything I planned to do manually.

Thanks alot for your help!