Fresh dual-boot installation: BIOS set up

I’ve encountered big problems during Leap installation, so i decided to erase all my partitions and try to set up a new dual boot installation with Windows 10 and, of course, openSuse.

Could you give me some advices to set up the BIOS? Currently i have:
fast boot enabled, launch csm disabled, secure boot disabled and secure boot control disabled.

My machine is an Asus n550jk with integrated intel graphics and nvida geforce gtx 850m, core i7 4710HQ and American Megatrends BIOS (version 208).

Thank you all!! :slight_smile:

No fast boot turn off. Secure boot can be on or off but if on be sure that the box is checked in the openSUSE installer

Also turn off fast boot in Windows or you won’t be able to access the Windows partitions

Thank you so much, I’ve followed your advices and setted up the BIOS configuration, now I’m ready for round-two!

Could you explain to me why “fast boot” option in Windows will give me problems? What does it exactly?

Fast boot in Windows does not properly shut down the file system this leave it as “dirty” and no other OS can use the Windows file system. In essence it hibernates rather then shutting down and that is the reason it boots fast.