Fresh Desktop Install With ISO Downloaded Today - No Wired Internent? Need Help!


I downloaded current openSUSE Tumbleweed 64Bit ISO today & put it on a USB drive.
I then did a fresh install of openSUSE Tumbleweed KDE 64Bit onto a desktop computer.

Install was successful, but I have no wired Internet on the desktop?
Any ideas on how to fix above issue, can not do anything without Internet?
Motherboard is ASRock Q1900M with Realtek RTL8111GR Gigabit LAN.
(what is weird is install had Internet access, but after install there is no Internet access)

Let me know, thanks!
(I am on another working desktop for the moment)


The computer is probably using NetworkManager to handle the network.

Try switching to “wicked”. Note that the installer uses “wicked” during the install.

If on Networkmanager, KDE’s applet should show the Wired Connection. A click on it should make a connection.

Do you only have a wired Internet connection, or do you have wireless available also?

First steps to troubleshoot is to determine if your machine has a network configuration and then to probe to see whether your networking works.
All of the following can be run in a text console aka terminal emulator.

The following displays your machine’s configured network

ip addr

If that displays an IPv4 address, you can try pinging your Internet Gatway’s address, something like the following if your Gateway’s address was


You can also ping an Internet address, for example the following tests connectivity to a Google DNS server


If you determine that your machine’s IP address networking is working, then you should check whether name resolution is working.
If you did a successful ping of above,
You can now try a ping of the same address using the name instead


Somewhere above a test should have failed if there is a networking problem.
If they all work, then the next step is to look at a possible problem with the application that’s not working.

Any questions, just post…