Fresh 13.1: Yast / Qt problem

Hi all !

I just made a fresh install of openSUSE 13.1 64bit, with KDE,
on Fujitsu-Siemens Esprimo (Pentium Dual-Core E5200,
intel onboard graphics).

In the software section of the installer I removed the entries
for libreoffice and the games.

If I click the icon for YAST in the SUSE-menu, it pops up the password box but then after correct entry, nothing happens.

I opened a terminal, became root using su, and

myHost:/ # /sbin/yast2

I only get YaST in text mode.
OK, at least something … :slight_smile:

I could check that the openssl library is the one fixed for the heartbleed bug
(the lib of Apr.8 2014).

When I left text-based yast, in the terminal I got

myHost:/ # /sbin/yast2
Qt GUI wanted but not found, falling back to ncurses.
myHost:/ # 

Entering text-based yast again, I saw that the package ‘libqt4’ is installed,
as well as package ‘libqt4-qt3support’.

What is wrong?

Many thanks

If you use “su” to switch to root, yast might not find the correct X display and may start in ncurses mode because of that.
Try “su -” (notice the ‘-’) to switch to root.

myHost:/ # /sbin/yast2
Qt GUI wanted but not found, falling back to ncurses.
myHost:/ # 

Entering text-based yast again, I saw that the package ‘libqt4’ is installed,
as well as package ‘libqt4-qt3support’.

What is wrong?

libqt4 alone is not enough for YaST-Qt.
You need “libyui-qt5” and “libyui-qt-pkg5” as well, and “yast2-control-center-qt” of course.

Hi wolfi323 !

Thank you for your reply !

Entering ‘su -’ (with the ‘-’) in the terminal I end up with the same results:
YaST in text-based mode.

Installed these two.

Hey, it works !

Thank you very much !

I was talking about “libyui-qt5” and “libyui-qt-pkg5”.

“yast2-control-center-qt” insn’t installed.

But “yast2-control-center-qt3” is.

Thanks again !

“yast2-control-center-qt3” uses qt3 as the name implies, not libqt4. It’s mainly there for KDE3 users.

But this only affects yast-control-center, which is the overview window where you can click on the specific module to run.

Besides KDE4 I have ‘kdebase3-session’ installed.
Perhaps that’s the reason that it works for me without “yast2-control-center-qt” ? :slight_smile:

kdebase3-session is just for listing the KDE3 session on the login screen.

I get the Qt3 Control Center here as well when installing “yast2-control-center-qt3” even though I do not have kdebase3-session installed.

I would suggest to install “yast2-control-center-qt” instead, especially if you are using KDE4 anyway.
All the YaST modules do use libqt4 regardless of which yast2-control-center you have installed. At the moment only your main YaST window uses the KDE3 style/look.

That Qt3 version is only available from the KDE3 repo anyway, and is still at version 2.17.3, whereas all the rest of YaST including yast2-control-center-qt is at version 3.x already (with all the modules translated to ruby).

There are more packages installed than only this one if one chooses it.

I’m not always using KDE4.

Yes, I have the KDE3 repo active :slight_smile:

Trying to install “yast2-control-center-qt” gives Warning (have to type it, no copy&paste):

‘installed yast2-control-center-qt3-2.17.3-9.3.x86_64 obsoletes yast2-control-center-qt provided by yast2-control-center-qt-3.0.0-2.1.3.x86_64…’

For ‘Conflict Resolution’ I now choose ‘deinstallation of yast2-control-center-qt3-2.17.3-9.3.x86_64’.

Did it.

YaST’s graphical interface runs fine again.

Thanks again !

Of course, you need more KDE3 packages than just this one to run KDE3, or even install KDE3 applications.

Btw, the reason why you the Qt3 version ran even on KDE4 is that yast2-control-center-qt and yast2-control-center-qt3 contain the same program file /usr/lib/YaST2/bin/y2controlcenter. (that’s also the reason why you cannot install both at the same time)
Of course in one case it’s the old unmaintained qt3 version, in the other case the current qt4 version.

When you run YaST on KDE (3 or 4), it just tries to run /usr/lib/YaST2/bin/y2controlcenter (or /usr/lib/YaST2/bin/y2controlcenter-gnome on GNOME), and falls back to the other one or the ncurses version if that fails.

/sbin/yast2 is just a shell script btw, so you can have a look yourself if you want to. :wink: