Frescobaldi's Music view not working


Anyone else having problems with Frescobaldi’s “Music view”?
Everything else works OK. No error messages when starting from command line, PDF-files are created correctly, etc.
The only problem is that preview is not available when editing the music.

Hello kettumatti,

first time that I installed frescobaldi (frescobaldi-3.1.2-bp153.1.15.noarch), but no problems here with Music View.
Did you activate Automatic Engrave (Menubar LilyPond -> Automatic Engrave)?
You can also do it manually by pressing STRG + M (Engrave (preview)).

This is interesting… Same version of Frescobaldi (I also tried 3.1.3 from diffrent repository. Same problem…)
Automatic Engrave is activated.


Problem solved!
Python 3.6 was messed up. Probably because of me installing python packages with pip :stuck_out_tongue:
I tried to reinstall everything with yast but it didn’t help.
The final solution was to remove /usr/lib64/python3.6 directory and then reinstall every python3 and Qt5 related packages again (using yast).