Frequently freezing... how to troubleshoot?


My system is frequently freezing since the last install. Lenovo T440 laptop, Tumbleweed, SSD hard drive with Brfts file system. What information should I gather to identify the problem. When I mean freeze it is completely frozen, mouse doesn’t move and I cannot move to a virtual terminal. It is randomly happening every 1 or 2 hours.


is this your first install or did you do an update?
what is your repo list

zypper lr -d

have you tried updating TW as it changes often

zypper dup

you should check the system journal
to dump the journal to a text file you can run

cd ~/Documents
sudo journalctl > journal.txt

then you can upload that file at opensuse paste so we could take a look at it
also what hardware do you have the mesa 3d noveau driver (Mesa-dri-nouveau) is known to have issues with plasma 5
what cpu and what video card do you have

sudo lscpu
sudo lspci | grep VGA

it could always be a hardware issue a faulty RAM/GFX/HDD etc

Hi, if you’re running KDE Plasma on an intel card it may be this problem which can be very annoying. :sarcastic: