Freezing issues on two laptops


I am having some freezing issues. I think it might be Firefox related but am unsure. I was on a macbook model a1502 and that froze occasionally which I just held the power button until the machine turned off and then rebooted. That worked ok until it wouldn’t boot past black screen. So I got a new laptop, a Lenovo t14 model 20s00032US and that has been having a similar freezing issue. Right now I can’t afford to keep buying laptops and I’d like to solve this issue. I’ve opened another thread on getting a ungoogled version of chromium going and am posting here to cover my bases. It’s been freezing every day and it’s recovered most of the time but last night it froze completely forcing me to shutdown and reboot. If this gets worse I’d be in some hurt.

This model t14 is just straight UHD graphics so no nvidia drivers to speak of.


I don’t believe it is a firefox issue in general.
Have you done a ‘/home’ migration of your old MacBook? Maybe it is a cache, add-on … problem? I would suggest you try a new/clear profile first without any add-ons, by renaming the “.mozilla” directory in your home dir.

What a about the RAM usage while you are using the browser?
I know some users which have more that 50 tabs open. lol!
And last but not least, are we talking about Firefox-ESR or the regular version?

Echoing what @gendjaral writes on RAM useage, please start KSysGuard “System Load” and leave it running visible while doing thing.

When the freezing happens check what “System Load” is showing (take a photo). The “hangs” I have seen were always due to running out of memory.