freezing and then rebooting on its own

New PC [Machine # 1] and newly installed Leap 15.0 [2 - 3 weeks] using an WD SN750 250GB nvme m.2 for the 1st time [btrfs]

Machine not used for anything heavy, no gaming or video editing.

May have 6 or 7 file [Dolphin] windows open.
Running chrome with 2 or 3 tabs open
Music player [Clementine] running
Solitaire game [KPat] running.

All of a sudden the desktop will freeze and while waiting a bit to see if it will clear itself , the PC reboots itself.
This all occurs within a minute from the time it freezes until the reboot happens.
I am not doing anything in particular when this occurs, maybe reading an email or using facebook or starting a program [Audacity,
Leafpad, etc.]

I have read a few posts about desktop freezing in in Plasma in Leap 15.0, but not the reboot that my PC does.

What might I check for my nvme ssd to see if that might be a problem? [proper setup for btrfs, etc.]
1st time for me for btfrs and 1st time for nvme.

In /var/log which log might tell me something about what is happening?
I have looked at some of them, but am not really understanding what they say.

Would running “journalctl -f” tell me anything.
How would I get the results from “journalctl -f” after the machine has rebooted?

These are all guesses from the other posts I have read , but again none of the other posts mention a reboot occuring within their problem.
What other information/tests can I provide to solve this problem?

Thank You

IME, spontaneous reboots are most likely a result of a hardware defect. Just how new is new? Return to vendor could be a good idea, but if you built it yourself, which component is bad must be isolated. Switching RAM modules around in their slots and tweaking RAM voltage is first I would try. PS is next switch I would try.

This could be defective hardware support as new as the motherboard is with a kernel as “old” as 15.0 has (it is loaded with backports for newer hardware). Your motherboard is probably newer than the original 4.12 kernel release, might be missing a backport it needs. 15.1 was officially released today, so maybe a better first try would be the 15.1 kernel, or upgrade completely to 15.1.

-f means to follow, applicable only to a current boot. Journalctl -b -1 will give the prior boot journal, as much as was persisted before the reboot, and likely to omit whatever triggered the reboot.

Thank you mrmazda for your reply.

Just how new is new
approx 2 1/2 weeks old

Switching RAM modules around in their slots and tweaking RAM voltage
Reinstalled as suggested but I am not familiar with tweaking ram voltages, however I did read about turning on XMP and have done so. Also I have set AI Performance [Auto overclocking]back to Normal as I am sure that is all it needs.

PS is next switch I would try.
Sorry, what is PS? [power supply?]