Freezing After Boot Loader

Hello all!

First time openSuse user, but have used other linux versions for sometime. I just installed openSuse on my machine. Machine previously had only Windows XP, but I partitioned the hard drive and installed OpenSuse, no problems. However, when I power of the computer I come to the selection screen without any problems. If I select Windows it loads and works just fine. However, if I select any of the three Suse options it runs for a moment and then freezes and nothing more ever happens. Any ideas/suggestions about what could be causing this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

It sounds like it is throwing errors during the hardware initializing process. If you hit escape before it freezes up do you get the text screen that will show you the process? If it is freezing up pretty quickly then I am guessing it is a partition/mounting error. Do you remember how you setup your partitions for openSuse? You have only one hdd correct?

Try adding: noapic acpi=off
to the boot arguments