freezes screen

for me after login some times freezes screen nothings work
l must press ctr+alt+backspace logo out and re-login
Is it difficult for anyone?
#sorry for my bad english

I have that problem on a system with nvidia graphics (and the nvidia drivers).

So I edited “$HOME/.config/kwinrc” and looked for the line:


That line is in the “Compositing” section.

I changed the “false” to “true”. And then things started working.

I then went into the compositing settings (under “Display and Monitor”), and changed it to use XRender instead of OpenGL.

After that change, desktop effects are working and everything seems okay. But Gnome doesn’t work on that box – it probably also doesn’t like nvidia graphics for an older card.

I should add that I edited that file while logged into “Icewm”.

my system is hp ProBook 450 G1
Intel® HD8 Graphics 4600
Switchable Discrete:
AMD RadeonTM HD8 8750M
i not install amd graphics
only install default intel graphics
i edit “$HOME/.config/kwinrc” and I changed the “false” to “true” [OpenGLIsUnsafe=false]
for me default selected openGl2(under “Display and Monitor”)
i hope so after changed “false” to “true”.it works well

For me after change false to true not work desktop effects
I return true to false