Freeze screen in opensuse 11.3 with kde

Hello, i’ve had a problema with opensuse 11.3.
Sometimes (3 times) the O.S. is freeze. STOP everything. And i had that shutdown with button.
I think that the problem is with KDE, but i dont know.
somebody know what can cause this? In the all time the opensuse is very fast.


What video card do you have and do you know what driver you use?

To add to gogalthorp post, if you have desktop effects enabled, disable that and try your luck. Happened to me the same until i disable the desktop effects. Btw Intel card here. No more effects for me because of the video card for 11.3 :frowning: , 11.2 was fine with it.

I thought the problem was the effects enabled, but it happened with two ways.
My video card is GMA4500 intel
11.2 was fine with it. too

I am still looking for work around, if find any, will post here.
Try this, maybe will work for you. I haven’t tried yet, will try it later.

Not sure if its related, but FWIW:

oS 11.3 freezes randomly on atom/intel 945

I too have had this problem since installing 11.3; it has happened with openGL screensavers (but not others), with OpenOffice and today nearly at the end of logging on. It never happened to me with 11.2 but I understand others had had the problem with screensavers in earlier versions. I don’t have any hardware known to have problems.

deano ferrari wrote:

> Not sure if its related, but FWIW:
> ‘oS 11.3
freezes randomly on atom/intel 945’
> (

Up, this is probably the same problem.
And here is the link to the bug
with 2

Patching the kernel worked for me (accept for a 3D video
game which crashes the system somethimes).

I installed OpenSUSE 11.3 yesterday. When I begin to use Mozilla Firefox (version automatically installed with OpenSUSE 11.3) the cursor freezes or locks up (when I move the mouse/cursor-pointer), and the only way I can do anything is turn off the computer and start over (to no avail, because it does the same thing within a a minute or so after entering Mozilla Firefox. I did not have this problem with OpenSUSE 11.2.

Where do I start looking?

What can I do?

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Do you have Intel card too?, Applied the patch above?
1st disable your desktop effects and then update the driver using above steps in post#6 and jump to comment #40 and apply it.

Or here it is (comment#40 from bugzilla)

Thanks for the reply.

Sorry for the double post.

I’m not sure whether or not I have an Intel card (but I’m guessing that I do, since most computers sold here, in this part of Mexico have them), nor how to determine if I have one. The bug report looks very similar to my problem. I’m not sure I have the skills or knowledge to pull it off, but I’ll try to move through it.


Don’t worry, you will get help on time here.
To find out which card you have, open terminal/konsole and run this:


Look for VGA or Display controller, there you will see your card name.

Lets 1st find out the card and we will proceed to the next step.

Same problem here.
Opensuse 11.3 x86_64, core i7 860 cpu, geforce gt220 gpu, mobo gigabyte p55ud3. With 11.2 everything was just fine.

Same **** here. CPU is i7-875K, motherboard P7P55D, GT240 Silent. Is it possible to kill the user from another machine through a network connection?

Hey All,

im having the same problem so i followed the guide on post 40 and when i get to editing the conf file it says “Radeon” which would sugguest its ATI rather than intel? but then on the sysinfo:/ it says intel 965GM so should i edit the conf file like in post 40?

i dont want to change it then knacker up my install

What this command says, Intel or ATI.


I gave up on OpenSuSE 11.3 when the “dev” working on the bug changed it to “SOLVED” twice without solving it - yeah, it is “SOLVED” now and people are still complaining of freezes. The “dev” just says, “Must be something else; my fix works.” Um, durkay. If nobody is even going to try to fix the bug that makes OpenSuSE unusable on my computer, what else can someone do?

00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 0c)
00:02.1 Display controller: Intel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 0c)

I have the same problem in my tho computers.
Both machines run OpenSuse 11.3 with kde4 without desktopeffects but compiz instead.
Machine#1 has nvidia 7xxx graphics card and machine#2 has 8xxx card.
When the freeze occurs, on both machines I can hear KDE-Sys-App-Message.ogg system sound playing in every few seconds.
The mouse does not move and ctrl + alt + [f-key] does not do anything. But after I hit ctrl + alt + backspace, the app-message sound stops playing.
I connected through ssh to machine#1 and tried to stop or restart xdm but it failed because could not terminate kdm or something.
Reset button seems to be the only cure… or init 6 when connecting through ssh.

On machine#2 the freeze occured few times when I launched wine application and it started to update the wine prefix.
Few times it occured when I tried to put teh computer into sleep mode via kde menu.

On machine#1 these freezes are more random, as I mostly run only aMSN and firefox in it.


Concerning firefox freezes I had the same problem. What solved it was adding mozilla repository and switching packages to the versions from this repository. For me it was easiest to add the repository using Yast. To switch the packages to the versions from a particular repository You have to follow this picture.
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Also from what I see You guys encounter different problems. Try starting your own threads as it will be easier to help You.

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