Freeze? / Crash? on Installation

Like most times… I have problems installing stuff.

when i am on the final installion part. (when it is configuing the hardwar) it gets to the dreaded instalion of the graphics card…

It says “it may blink a few times” i click ok then it freezes i get NO input and boom… NOTHING…

I have the radion 1500 graphics card

see if when you re-boot you have a boot screen (no dvd in)

pause the boot by moving the down arrow

move back to the default boot at the top and use the backspace to clear any text in the boot line lower down (there may be none) then type just the number:

login with username and password
then go su

now type:
sax2 -r -m 0=vesa


I did all that but then it asks me for the root pasword?? and that is?

It’s the same password You set for user

Not quite true. But it is true if you didn’t un-check (use same password for system admin), when you entered your username and password.

Well i used a bit logic that is right in this case :slight_smile:
If he doesn’t know what password root has there are great chances he left default settings rotfl!