freeze after upgrading to Leap 14 with old nvidia fx1700 card

Running 42.3 with nouveau driver – all works.
Upgrade to 15, get freeze (no kbd, no mouse, but background jobs continue) after 3 min - 3 hrs.
Put “nouveau modeset=0” as kernel arguments. No change.

I’m not certain that nouveau driver is cause, but none of the logs show anything suggestive.

I’d rather not install the nvidia proprietary drivers because my 2 other computers (all upgraded smoothly)
use nouveau (but have different graphics cards, one very very old).

oop. title should say upgrading to Leap 15 of course

Without any log it’s pretty hard to tell what’s happening in the system.

If you have upgraded to Nvidia drivers, then I think you can blacklist the driver module on grub while booting.
If it does not allow you to boot at all, then you need to boot into a Live disk and disable the module or blacklist it as explained.

how to blacklist a module using Grub loader

Kernel arguments made no difference.
Thinking there might be something wrong with usb controller, I did full Dell diagnostics: all fine.

Reluctantly, I installed the Nvidia proprietary driver indicated by zypper install-new-recommends. Now all seems fine.

So I conclude: nouveau driver simply is not compatible with the Quadro FX1700 card.

(I didn’t want to try blacklisting for the reason you mention: I’d have to ovrercome an unbootable system.)