Freeplane (snap encapsulated) app won't run all of a sudden.

I use the Freeplane app using the snap package almost daily and it was working just fine until the day before yesterday, however, today it is just showing the splash screen when launched.

Judging by the Terminal output I believe there must be something wrong with the JRE but the full understanding of the issue is beyond me even after many searches and reading into the errors presented.

I checked for the snap package updates for Freeplane (thre were none) and even removed and reinstalled the package altoghere but the issue still stands.

Part of me thinks this might have something to do with the big OS update which happened the day before yestrday where 3000+ packages where updated. But I am not sure if that is the case since I have two closely configured laptops which are both running OpenSUSE TW and the update was applied to both, while only (the main) one is exhibiting this issue and not the other.

Any help would be much appreciated.

For the same reasons I described in your other posted problem,
IMO you should consider installing from the openSUSE repositories instead of a snap container whenever possible.
But don’t forget to notify the snap module’s author.