freenx fails in opensuse 11.2

I’m having some trouble with FreeNX on OpenSuse 11.2. I followed the instructions on this page to set up the server on my linux machine, and I’m connecting to it with the Nomachine client for Windows, running on Windows XP x64. It refuses to complete the connection, and the console log from the NX client is as follows:

NX> 203 NXSSH running with pid: 2484
NX> 285 Enabling check on switch command
NX> 285 Enabling skip of SSH config files
NX> 285 Setting the preferred NX options
NX> 200 Connected to address: xx.xx.xx.xx on port: 22
NX> 202 Authenticating user: nx
NX> 208 Using auth method: publickey
HELLO NXSERVER - Version 3.2.0-73 OS (GPL, using backend: 3.2.0)
NX> 105 hello NXCLIENT - Version 3.2.0
NX> 134 Accepted protocol: 3.2.0
NX> 105 login
NX> 101 User: ********
NX> 102 Password: 
NX> 103 Welcome to: ******** user: ********
NX> 105 listsession --user="********" --status="suspended,running" --geometry="1680x1050x32+render+fullscreen" --type="unix-kde"
NX> 127 Sessions list of user '********' for reconnect:

Display Type             Session ID                       Options  Depth Screen         Status      Session Name
------- ---------------- -------------------------------- -------- ----- -------------- ----------- ------------------------------

NX> 148 Server capacity: not reached for user: ******
NX> 105 startsession  --link="lan" --backingstore="1" --encryption="1" --cache="16M" --images="64M" --shmem="1" --shpix="1" --strict="0" --composite="1" --media="0" --session="Dev" --type="unix-kde" --geometry="1674x972" --fullscreen="1" --client="winnt" --keyboard="pc102/en_US" --screeninfo="1680x1050x32+render+fullscreen" 

NX> 1000 NXNODE - Version 3.2.0-73 OS (GPL, using backend: 3.2.0)
NX> 700 Session id: ********-1000-5B8C50E9DC3F9702F697AF5FE93EF596
NX> 705 Session display: 1000
NX> 703 Session type: unix-kde
NX> 701 Proxy cookie: fe8929662c406265d0c18aeb307f6a2c
NX> 702 Proxy IP:
NX> 706 Agent cookie: fe8929662c406265d0c18aeb307f6a2c
NX> 704 Session cache: unix-kde
NX> 707 SSL tunneling: 1
NX> 105 /usr/bin/nxserver: line 1534: 12189 Terminated              sleep $AGENT_STARTUP_TIMEOUT
NX> 596 Session startup failed.
NX> 1004 Error: NX Agent exited with exit status 1. To troubleshoot set SESSION_LOG_CLEAN=0 in node.conf and investigate "/home/********/.nx/F-C-********-1000-5B8C50E9DC3F9702F697AF5FE93EF596/session". You might also want to try: ssh -X myserver; /usr/bin/nxnode --agent to test the basic functionality. Session log follows:
NX> 1006 Session status: closed
Can't open /var/lib/nxserver/db/running/sessionId{5B8C50E9DC3F9702F697AF5FE93EF596}: No such file or directory.
mv: cannot stat `/var/lib/nxserver/db/running/sessionId{5B8C50E9DC3F9702F697AF5FE93EF596}': No such file or directory
NX> 1001 Bye.
/usr/bin/nxserver: line 565: kill: (11902) - No such process
/usr/bin/nxserver: line 567: kill: (11902) - No such process
NX> 280 Exiting on signal: 15

I’ve searched this forum and many web pages on google, but I haven’t found anyone with this exact problem. the fact that it can’t stat those files suggests to me that it might be a permissions thing, but I wouldn’t expect non-root users to EVER have permission to files in any subdirectory of /var, so I sincerely doubt that they would release a program that requires read/write access to such files, and therefore, I am pretty certain it’s a configuration issue, although I’m not experienced enough with the NX server to know where to start looking for the failure. Previous attempts with FreeNX and opensuse 10.3 (I am testing 11.2 for a possible upgrade of all of our linux systems here at my office) yielded totally successful results. the fact that there is no NX server included in the DVD distribution of 11.2 seems a little strange to me, as it was included with 10.3, but this is of little significance compared to my real issues.

On Mon, 2010-05-03 at 12:46 +0000, elkvis wrote:

> HELLO NXSERVER - Version 3.2.0-73 OS (GPL, using backend: 3.2.0)

You’re running the session limited “free” server from nomachine and
NOT FreeNX… just fyi. The “free” one from nomachine limits you to
two sessions max.

Just fyi. I’ll have to go home to see how I have my 11.2 box
setup for NX (which NX or FreeNX I’m using). I do know that it
does work… just not sure whether I’m using an unrestricted FreeNX,
or the limited NX one.

I have a terminal server setup at my office that uses 11.2 KDE version and it ran without a problem. I first tried this on VMware and it is also successful. I installed FreeNX according to the HOWTO on the page you referred to some time ago, probably about 2-3 months ago and now I have about eight sessions that can log on simultaneoulsy. I set up the accounts in Users and Groups for all who needed access. I logged in using my root user account to do this configuration. Just a little incentive and reassurance that it does work.

What I am not sure about though is the version of FreeNX that I used or if it matters.