FreeMedia Mount Points

opensuse 11.2
kde 4.4.2

I have this 750 gb Seagate FreeMedia USB
drive, which is always connected to the system.
Every time I restart the computer I get a new mount point in /media e.g.
/media/FreeAgent Drive-7
/media/FreeAgent Drive-8

The question is how to get one ‘fixed’ mount point for this drive, regardless of how often I restart or re-plugin the device. And why do this old unused mount points not disappear when the system shuts down or the drive is unplugged?


If you label the partitions, f.e. FreeAgent-1 and FreeAgent-2, they would always be mounted in /media/labelname.
You could also tell the Yast partitioner to mount the device at boot. That would bring trouble though if you disconnect the drive and reboot.

I think it has allready a label:* FreeAgent Drive*. Else it would have been mounted disk.

It is mounted on* -1*,* -2 ,etc. because you do not unmount it properly (by clicking in the device notifier on the right place).
Thus it will use the -1 ,etc because the old mount point still exists and is still registered in the files .hal-mtab and

To redress this, umount properly and with the device removed clean up in /media (remove all* FeeAgent Drive** files and both* .hal-mtab** files). After this always umount properly to avoid the same thing.

But, when you have the device allways in the system, make an entry in /etc/fstab for it. Then it will be mounted properly at boot and be unmounted properly at system shutdown. You are then also not restricted to mounting in* /media/…*, but can mount where you want (but please create the mountpoint first and make the user that wants to use it and it group owner with chmod user:group).