FreeCAD - Qt Assistant

I need to use off line help for FreeCAD. This requires installation of Qt Assistant. The program is not available in the regular repos, that is I could not find it! Can anyone help?


It’s a QT6 thing by the looks… not for Leap…

Download RPM, unpack with Ark (unzip), run.
I cannot install it yet.
Create shortcut (icon is included).

Or install full package from , then get it from /usr/bin/assistant .

Thanks for the help.

I would prefer the first option. I understand that the “experimental package” RPM for SUSE 15.2 is to be downloaded, OK. Next I can unpack the downloaded file, in the download folder itself(?).

After that step I am at sea! Do I run the command “I cannot install it yet” in a Terminal as root?
And about creating a shortcut, will not the FreeCAD menu access the program?

Please help me understand.


Unpack files where you want them to be.
Run “path-to-your-folder/opt/opt/ownCloud/qt-5.12.7/bin/assistant” in a terminal.
Or run “path-to-your-folder/opt/opt/ownCloud/qt-5.12.7/lib64/qt5/bin/assistant” in a terminal.
With program running you can open help file(s) *.qch.
For FreeCAD help download its help files and open freecad.qch.
IDK about FreeCAD menu. I’m reading FreeCAD help without installing FreeCAD.
IMHO to use FreeCAD menu integration you need to aim FreeCAD to a needed Qt Assistant run file.

Thanks Svyatko.