Free NX : login to current session

How I can remotely login to current open user session with Free NX ?

OpenSuse 11.2 64bit , NX-3.2.0-26.1.x86_64

Have you set up the server?

Yes. And login to new remote sessions works.

NX is a terminal server, not a VNC replacement.

You have to enable shadowing in the NoMachines server
this is done in the /usr/NX/etc/server.conf file. I
don’t know where it is done in FreeNX however NX
can do most things that VNC can only a lot faster. The
only problem I’ve found is VNC scales the window with
scroll bars NX is adding that feature soon.
Using NX were able to get response times close to native
X windows mode.
If your not needing more then 2 sessions then try the free
NoMachines nx server.

How I can connect to remote desktop with 1920x1080 from PC with 1280x1024 screen,
without scrolling ?

It makes it shrink to fit, can be a mess when viewing 2 screen wide
display because of the aspect ratio.