Free disk space in '/' getting smaller and smaller

Free disk space in ‘/’ getting smaller and smaller.( I have a separate disk and partition for /home ). after update with zypp or security my / partition has less and less space. I have emptied the root trash bin to no use.Anyone an idea where the space goes?>:(

probably log files or something similar. there are some small utilities out there which help you monitoring your disk space. try KDirStat or Beobab

ok. good suggestion.Ifound a Zypper back up with 8 Gb in /var/temp

Which openSUSE version? Successive kernel updates can also consume a lot of space.

Ah … 8 GB. … ok … thats a LOT of space :slight_smile:

Or just use df -h and du -h


Unfortunately, openSUSE do not automatically clean temp files. That can be easily fixed, though.
(NOTE: keep in mind I’m translating from Spanish…)
In yast, go to System → /etc/sysconfig/ files editor. Look on the left column and open System and then click the plus sign in Cron. Change:
MAX_DAYS_IN_TEMP from 0 to 1
MAX_DAYS_IN_LONG_TMP from 0 to 1
CLEAR_TMP_DIRS_AT_BOOTUP from “no” to “yes” (without quotes!!)
Accept the changes and click on end. Now, restart your computer. From now on, the /tmp directory will be cleaned on each restart.
(I learned this from the Spanish openSUSE forum: Thanks DiabloRojo!)