Freakin Me Out Man

We all have a story, heres mine. I started using Linux about 2 months ago…man was I frustrated, Windows click click click had turned me into a computer Illiterate…but I held on, because I love the computing experience, don’t give up, and love to solve problems. Now I am above Newbie and moving into Intermediate…not cause I can click on new stuff but I started from the shell and learned that part of it…month ago I bought a brand spanking new System76 15" with Ubuntu pre-installed works wonderfully. Then I took my old Acer and started playing with Live CD’s, tried, besides Ubuntu, tried Fedora (check my blog at BullDog Computer Services for that experience), then did some Mepis, Slackware and finally OpenSuse. Now my $700 computer is in my dresser drawer and I use OpenSuse on my old Acer everyday! halp me halp me…it ain’t right…I love OpenSuse…but I got no gonads cause I can’t bring myself to write over Ubuntu on the System76…what would you do?

Try a Live CD, if it works with the hardware, then I’d save any data I wanted to keep on the other machine. I’d make a note of what modules are used, and do a little research into any special driver support the OEM included.

Then if I find no significant issues, I install, wiping the old install. Not much point in keeping Ubuntu on the box, if it means you’re not going to use it.

But perhaps it has the space to dual boot, or there’s features customised by the OEM, I might go that route, rather than obliterate.

Thanks, I’ll give it a try…if the Live CD works without any problems then it’s see ya “Ubuntu”…Suse has a new daddy.

Get a second hard drive (SSD?) to install openSUSE on it and store away the old hard drive in your sock drawer.

I’ve done that with the Windows hard drive, though not in the sock drawer, while I run Ubuntu on my laptop.

Now that is an excellent idea…I don’t know why I never thought about it…thanks…

I also got really lucky in that the hard drive screws into a casing that (unless you screw it into the laptop) can slide in and out like a cartridge!

So since I have 2 I have 2 hard drives mounted and switch them as I need. (since I am the Linux Special Interest Group leader, it comes in handy for demonstrations).

Yea, I just noticed while researching replacing a hard drive that some are installed in a “caddy” basically an enclosure and you can just swap the drive out and you can buy a kit with the enclosure and hard drive combined…is the standard laptop 2.5" or 3.5"…I thought it was 3.5" but looking through the websites that sell them I’m not so sure…I guess I need to do some more research and see what size of hard drive is on the System76.

You could shrink the Ubu partitions and make room for some more; multiboot. On an 80 Gig drive I’ve got this: windows, Ubu + Suse 10.0, 10.1, 10.2, 10.3, 11.0, 11.1, 11.2 alpha. With your newer, bigger drive there’d likely be plenty of room.

That’s amazing…I’ve never seen that before…couldn’t do that with Windows, limited to four…

You create an extended partition, and in that you can put a whole bunch of logical partitions. Works in windows too.

ah, I got ya…in Windows you can create as many partitions as desired but the total number of primary partitions plus logical drives that can have letters assigned to them cannot exceed 24 for a single hard drive. So no problem on the Ubuntu hard drive, just make them large enough to hold a decent amount of data and keep on going until you run out of room.