Found strongswan vpn on my machine -- what's it for?

Bumbling around I found an installed service called “strongswan”. Info says is it a vpn. I do have a 3rd party vpn installed; could that be using strongswan? It is running normally and starts on boot. Have no idea how it got there or what it is for. Site docs do not show it to be tied to any particular application.

I am reviewing running services and will likely remove it. Before I did, though, I thought would ask to see if it was doing something important.

thanks for any knowledge of strongswan. thanks, tom kosvic

Which one?

And when you have NetworkManager-strongswan and plasma6-nm-strongswan installed, it is normal that the service is running…

I have PureVpn installed.

I use NetworkManager; switched from wicked. That is probably where it is from. I will leave it so as to not jeopardize networking.

thanks, tom kosvic

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