Found an esy solution of how to install Gutenprint 5.2.5 in Opensuse 11.2 - where do I post this?

I have been struggling a bit to find a driver for my wireless Epson Stylus Office BX600FW. It is not supported by the Gutenberg drivers available in the repoes (I have only the four recommended ones - OSS, non-OSS, opdate and Packman).

I then searched a bit, and found the Gutenprint 5.2.5 supports my printer (and a lot of others, too). So, how to install…?

I am a beginner, just learning to use the console. So I did some more searching, and found out that openSUSE has support for LSB.

So, I installed LSB from the standard repos. I then downloaded the Gutenprint rpm. THen I used right mouse button, and chose to install via Yast.

Worked as a dream - the Gutenberg drivers in my openSUSE 11.2 are now version 5.2.5, and my printer works flawlessly.

The version of opensuse 11.2 I use is from the ISO found in these pages, without updates (since update messed up my wireless network card). The only updates/installs I have done is the VLC player from VLC repo and the wl driver for my broadcom wireless from Packman repo. Since my machine is now working flawlesly, I won’t update any more until 11.3…


Now… I don’t know if I should post this somewhere (maybe someone else wants to read this?)… if I should post it, where would the best place be?

Can you gurues tell me if I have just invented the wheel over again, or if this is something someone else should be able to search for and find somewhere in the forums…?

Link to the driver: Driver: gutenprint | OpenPrinting - The Linux Foundation
Link to install instructions: database/driverpackages | The Linux Foundation

The fact that it is here is allready helping, becuase it means that it can be found in a search on the Forums here and, in short time, also with Google.

I also think that because of the fact that you used important keywords in the title it must be easy to draw attention if the needing.

When more posts follow and the general idea is that it should go to e.g. Intstall/boot/login or Applications, it can be moved, no need to do it yourself.

A very warm welcome. I completely go with Henk. Drop in a lot, read a lot and in some time you’ll get to know where to post what.
Some free tips:
Try yakuake as a konsole alternative, it’s in the repos.
Stick to your path of learning first and a “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it” attitude.

Enjoy !!

OK, thanx guys.

Here’s some info that I assume will be of help:

OS: Linux i686
KDE: 4.3.1 “version 6”
System: openSUSE 11.2 (i586)

Repos in use: oss, non-oss, update, pacman.

Installation, steps in the order done by me before installing the gutenberg rpm:
openSUSE 11.2 (DVD), wl driver for broadcom chip (from Packman repo), VLC (form VLC repo - that one repo removed afterwards).

Gutenberg version: 5.2.5, rpm for 32-bit.
LSB version: 4.0-4.1

Downloaded the Gutenberg rpm to the downloads folder in home directory. Installed the LSB. Rightclicked on the Gutenberg rpm and chose to “open with install software” (YaST).

Afterwards, I went to the printer setup in YaST, added the IP adress of printer in the wireless network and chose the correct driver from the rolldown menu.

The printer prints flawlessly!!! Scanner function has not been tested at this time, though.