foto from camera

hello. I’he just arrived in Linux openSuse 11.3. Wy camera is not recognised by the system and i’m not able to see my photos: how can I do?
Thank you for an answer

Does the Camera have a make and model or is it one of those new noname mystery Cameras?

It’s a Yashica EZ 5030, a few years old…

So it has a SD card
Such Cameras generally just plugin and browse in the file manager
If the model isn’t in the list offered in Digikam try either: Mounted Camera or USB PTP Class Camera

I tried but it doesn’t work. Thank you for your suggestions

Does anything happen?
Can you see anything doing:as su -

fdisk -l

I had an idea: I put the SD card with the photos in my Garmin navigator and the system saw Both: SD card and the navigator! So I could copy the photo on the HD

Use what ever works! :slight_smile: