forwarding-issue, How to aliasing a domain with Apache

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The qustion of the day meets an issue i am faced with :

it has to do with a Forwarding task - just see the **task to forward from **example.COM to example.NET

what does the visitor see:

a. as a site?
b. what does the adressbar display?

Question: is it possible to do a forwarding that shows the domain-name โ€œexample.comโ€ in the adressbar? -โ€ฆ and shows the content of

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**btw - ** see also this example
Forwarding or Masking Your Domain Name | Go Daddy Help | Go Daddy Support

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**the things i want to achieve:
**Here is what I am trying to accomplish: When one navigates to it goes to

well - i think itโ€™s possible to forward the domain name without change in the address bar . It is called โ€œMaskedโ€ Forwarding. This type of forwarding is used to forward my domain to another website, while keeping my domain or subdomain name in the web browserโ€™s address bar.
The real address does not appear at all.

**in detail: **Masked domain forwarding โ€” allows you to redirect the domain name to another web site, but conceal the web address of the destination web site.
In standard forwarding, visitors will not see the original domain name they clicked or typed in the address box at the top of their browsers when they reach the destination site; the destination domain will be displayed. With masked forwarding, the visitors will see the original domain name when they reach the destination.
We can use masked domain forwarding when you want to hide a web address that may not be user-friendly, such as Widget (UK) Ltd.

**again: **Here is what I am trying to accomplish: When one navigates to it goes to

Now, what I would like to see in the address bar is the - As well, as I navigate through the site, I would like to continue to see as the host

redirects to

**note: **all is on my own server: my friend does configure the nameserver and all the stuff is on my root-server.

so i will digg deeper into the techniques of Masked forwarding..

one lastquestion: Should i use .htaccess on my own server and rewrite from The Leading Domain Names Site on the Net so that the to spell it out in other words: can URL masking/forwarding/redirecting done with

a. With a RedirectRule in the .htaccess file:

example - Redirect from to

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !$ [NC]
RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [L,R=301]

to achieve it in Apache.