Forums performance degrading

I don’t know at the moment if it’s due to my Internet connection, but if others are seeing the same as myself the Forums are slow, and today sometimes not posting properly (I’d expect there should be clues in the logs). I’m now sometimes seeing errors where the Forums thinks I posted an empty reply, sometimes returning me to wrong page (expect to see the Forum thread with my reply attached).

And, to a certain extent I’m curious if even this post will succeed…

Problems are random, not exactly the same in all cases but all related to posting.


Yes, I have seen poor performance from the forums since Friday morning. Saturday was better than Friday, but still not what it should be.

I notice some bad periods from time to time.

Not at the moment.

Kudos to the person who fixed the problem (hopefully not temporary) last night, particularly if the person is located in the USA where we are having an extended holiday weekend.


It’s still a big PITA here, really hard to tell what actually happened after a click produced an inexplicable response.

This very thread just told me I tried to duplicate a response. I did no such thing, but I did get yet another document contains no data response. I had to click the header to come back to the thread while avoiding the possibility of yet another duplicated submit.

Please report this to and post the ticket number here. I’ve done this before, but it would support my reports

It needs to be un-privatized:

It was difficult to go anywhere in the forums during this occasion (my morning) I’ll try again later (my night).

Un-privatization has been done.

Yesterday in the afternoon (MET) I got the re-direction loop on all pages I tried, except on the main page I have always open. But there, on refresh, it was shown as if I was loged-out. Clicking login only gav e me the same. I closed the window and with it FF and thus with that removed all openSUSE cookies (al are session cookies).
Now login was posible and everything went as usual. To me that was more a temporary hickup (maybe a reboot of a system in the chain?)

But the performace is going up and down. Sometimes, when sending a new post, this is so delayed that you ny habit click again. Then I get the message: that I am sending the same two times :(.

Much the same here (except a different timezone).

I finished up closing and restarting the browser, so as to eliminate session cookies. Then I was able to login again. But I don’t know how long I’ll be able to stay logged in before the same problems reassert themselves.

Please report this to . The more, the better. It will create a ticket on
My educated guess is that this is due to changes in MicroFocus infra, but it should work properly.

Or reopen

I just send off a post to another thread that went OK.

Then I went to my inbox and found two subscription mails (one about this very thread).
Got from Firefox something that roughly translates as: Damaged contents error.

The main forums page that I have alwyas open reloaded to a loged-out one. Trying the login button only reloads that same page.
Stopped FF and thus removed all cookies. Now everyting is OK again.

Happened rather precise on 17:30 MET Summer time, which is 15:30 UTC.
To my feelings 24 hours after yesterdays same event.

Send the above story to

tickets #52268: Problems accessing openSUSE forums

I’ve had to login to the forums in a different browser to add this reply. Otherwise I am again logged out. And I guess I will run out of browsers before long, if this keeps up.

I got reopened, then tried the link in its #8. It worked. It’s since been closed again.

Problems haven’t stopped though. Again it thinks it’s seeing double submit clicks:


This post is a duplicate of a post that you have posted in the last five minutes. You will be redirected to that thread.
Click here if your browser does not automatically redirect you."

I got that also a few times (though not today). I am surethat at one time I clicked twice, because it was so slow that is thought I hadn’t clicked properly. But I was not so sure about the other ones.

I am on the alert now again for this phenomenon.