Forums login needs Java script enabled

I just noticed that I can no longer login to the forums unless Java scripts are enabled in my browser (Opera). Is this a new feature?

Slight correction. I cannot login from the forums starting page But if I want to “Reply to Thread” from any posting it takes me to the login page and I can login. Doesn’t sound logical to me.

In fact, “Login” does not even show on the forums starting page.

That is not right
Does the same happen with konqueror?

Yes indeed.

openSUSE: Login

I have not seen this and we have no other reports like this that I am aware of

I just tested. And, indeed, I do not get the login prompt without javascript.

Test: was to use an alternative firefox profile that I have defined. It uses “noscript”, and is not in the whitelist for “noscript”.

I copied the forum url to bring up the page. It looks about the same as the main forum page when I am logged in, except that there is nothing on the top right. The extra stuff that usually appears on the login page is not there.

I have now clicked on “temporarily allow” in the “noscript” settings. The page changed to add the multi-line “NOTICE TO NEW FORUM USERS:” and to and the add the “help register|login” links on the top right.