Forum Tree at bottom of threads

First I’d like to preface my suggestion by stating that after being away from the opensuse forums for a while, it is nice to see that they were merged into one convenient forum. I really like what I see.

However there is one little feature missing which is kinda nigglin at me, and hoping can be added.

At the bottom of each thread, there isn’t a Forum Navigation Tree to show where you are in the forums (like there is at the top of the thread). Not that I ever really get lost, however it is really convenient to be able to link back to the current forum you’re in, link back from sub-forums, or even link back to the forum index. The way it is setup now, you’ve got to scroll back to the top of the page, or use the back-page feature (which sometimes becomes redundant if you’re 5 pages into a thread).

There is a Previous/Next Thread option, however that can be clumsy sometimes when you’re lookin for something specific.

Not a deal breaker for me by any means, but would be nice to see implemented.


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