Forum styles/skins in Opensuse permanent?

Below forum rules we can click/hit Opensuse default and we can change forum style/skins how can I make it permanent :\


You can change it in the forums User Control Panel when you’re login.
Though it won’t probably not the same if you’re not login. Depends on what style you are using.

I try many ways it came back—>opensuse default,do you have have the same problem?

I’m using the basic skin to match my skin! When I am not login the site falls to the default skin but as soon as I’m login it automatically change to the basic skin.

Go to the site control panel and customize the skin.

It would be nice to have more choices.

:X Are you an animal:shame:

It could be.:wink: or incredible hulk or the opensuse gecko or like your avatar.:rolleyes: