Forum staff addition

A good benchmark as to whether a new appointment is well chosen is: “Has it come as a surprise to everyone”?:open_mouth:

In Malcolm’s case I’m confident you would all say: No :slight_smile:

Well-deserved congrats to Malcolm. He is known for his unruffled and helpful approach and for his deep knowledge of Linux.

The only problem I have with him is that he’s sooooo verrryyyyyy old that he gets tanked too fast at the Friday after-work booze up in the mods lounge.
If only we had a few more young uns like me and Justin, true stayers.

Level of maturity meaning what? 40? 50? 60? 100? years old in order to be a mod? I’m sure there are young folks too who have the qualities to be mods. As a matter of fact, I’ve been a mod on a forum for many years until I stepped down as I didn’t had the time anymore and was regarded there as one of the most efficient and technical ones as the forum wasn’t that much targeted at technical issues. Unfortunately, the forum fell apart shortly after my departure due to some unrelated problems (not enough monthly $$$ to pay costs, threating legal issues and death of the founder who was running it all).

The problem with the mod choosing is that it’s inherently a closed system, done behind thick curtains in “dark rooms” where the general forum has no knowledge of nor has any say in it - and this on a forum that primarily deals with an ecosystem (Linux) that’s inherently open, transparent and about freedom and choice. The current way is similar if not the same to a closed system IRL where the current “group of presidents” gathers behind closed doors to choose a new president who’ll be part of the team, without a public voting system. Do you see something like this in a democratic system? No, you don’t. The public votes for the next minister, president, party, whatever, and not the current people in charge. When there are elections, the current in charge present the public with their candidates, describe why they’ve been chosen and what they’ve done so far and let the public vote for them. Whomever gets the most votes, wins.

As for your own qualification in this. Well, if you feel you qualify, you can register your interest with the current bunch of ‘Old Folk’ Mods.
I’m NOT trying to be funny here @microchip8 and in no way intend to minimize the valuable help you provide as part of the openSUSE community!:slight_smile:

To give an analogy, this sounds to me like this… a hero should ask for recognition or a medal. Or Einstein should go beg the Nobel price committee for the outstanding work he has done through his whole life just so they can notice it and then reward him with something. That’s not how it’s done IRL.

As I already said in my first post, I have no interest in currently being a mod on here even if offered. I am just not very satisfied on how certain things are done, especially about often the unwillingness of mods to act fast and close rant/troll threads or even worse, the inability to recognize ones and let them go 5-6 pages long wasting everyone’s time which can be spent on threads where people actually know how to ask for help.

Unfortunately you completely miss my point. But I have no desire to continue exchanging points of view any further on this. You are entitled to your point of veiw as I am mine.
Nevertheless, I am sure you welcome Malcolm’s addition to the team, be it as he is in your eyes and ‘Old Folk’.:slight_smile:

Welcome Malcom. I am glad to see there are still people with patience to moderate (Been there, done that and found that I have absolutely very little to no patience, lol.)

That’s got nothing to do with maturity. Let’s take the maybe-inadequate definition in the online dictionary:

The state or quality of being fully grown or developed
Well of course, we are not talking about physical maturity at all here; it’s mental & emotional maturity that’s needed in managing any enterprise, including forums.

I know plenty of old ppl (over 40 or 50, say) who hardly ever behave in a mature way according to the two precepts (fully developed and non-physical).

I would never consider age when thinking about the fitness of someone to be a moderator because it’s not relevant. I would focus more on maturity because that is very relevant.

It is true that older folk on average have had sufficient time to develop mature outlooks. Some of them even take advantage of that and actually do develop mature outlooks – and some don’t, sadly they miss the point of life.

Of course, there are plenty of young folk I know who are much more mature than old folk over 40 or 50.

So IMHO you need to re-think the oldies issue because you quite simply missed the point.

Obviously, you didn’t express your “point” very well or I wouldn’t have missed it.

Level of maturity can be interpreted pretty broadly, as in level of maturity in knowledge or in age or in morality or in a specific field, etc.

Lets look at your previous reply and the points it makes.

  • level of maturity (in what? morals? age? knowledge/expertise? commitment?..)
  • you didn’t know how old he is (fair enough, doesn’t take away the fact that the mods team is mostly comprised of old folks who also often fail in moderating)
  • he has the qualities to be a mod (and others don’t who have participated for years now?)

Yes, blame it all on paranoia (how easy is that? isn’t it?) instead of recognizing that there is a problem in both how mods are chosen (behind closed doors without forum opinion or knowledge of until it is suddenly announced that a new mod has joined) and inefficient rules and mods who constantly fail in recognizing rant/troll threads and ban long time members when they step in just so to force the mods to close pointless trolling threads since they are unwilling to do so on their own, even when privately contacted. Definitely paranoia :smiley:

Gz Malc, I’m sure they’ll send you a fluffy Geeko now :wink:

Congrats malcolmlewis. I value the adding of such a young person to the function.

> Level of maturity meaning what? 40? 50? 60? 100? years old

age is not a measure of maturity…


  1. The state or quality of being fully grown or developed.
  2. The state or quality of being mature.
  3. The period of time in life after physical growth has stopped and
    one is fully developed…adulthood
  4. Maturity (psychological), a term used in psychology to indicate
    that a person responds to the circumstances or environment in an
    appropriate manner.
  5. [similar and more at wiktionary, cambridge, websters, ask and many
    others, including OED]

no mention of age…some folks are physicaly, intellectually and
psychologically “fully grown” and “mature” in their late teens or
early 20’s, others become physically mature but hold on to petty
childish ways into their 80s and beyond…

in my personal opinion, your response to the selection of Mr. Lewis is
not appropriate and causes me to question your level of maturity
(whether you are 15, 51 or 101)…

i’m 63 and i’m as selectively immature as i want to be, wherever and
whenever i wish!

great congrats for being selected Malcolm…

but, condolences for not being smart enough to say “No Thanks.” :wink:

so, what will you do with the new income?

just kidding: i’m happy you decided to help at a new level!!
youngsters like you are needed and welcome!!!


I’ve removed a bunch of posts that didn’t belong here – about age and maturity. Better to keep this thread for welcoming our new moderator IMHO.

very nice, whenever forum members have problems with the current staff or way of doing things, threads get censored and posts deleted, yet allowing trolls and ranters threads full power is granted.

Wise move swerdna. For a while there I hought I had reached Soapbox, with all that age, maturity, and ambiguity stuff.

This is a time for toasting Malcolm on his selection to the forum staff team. Had there been an election, I am sure he would have secured the appropriate number of votes, including mine. Long may the help continue whenever possible. :wink:

lol! Thanks to “no edit” allowed, I spilled the tea – definitely a senior moment.



Hi Everyone
Thanks for all the nice thoughts/comments :slight_smile: (I thought me and my fluffy
geeko were keeping a low profile.)

Looking forward to the additional participation in the forum with the
help/guidance of the other Mods.

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11 (x86_64) Kernel
up 15 days 1:08, 2 users, load average: 2.63, 2.21, 2.06
GPU GeForce 8600 GTS Silent - Driver Version: 190.18

Congratulations MalcolmLewis!!

I confess that I haven’t spent much time on this forum (being busy with school and everything lately), but recently when I was having trouble getting my TV tuner card to work, MalcolmLewis jumped right in and was very patient with me until my problem was resolved.

I am enjoying the mythTV experience on openSuse thanks to MalcolmLewis’s help! Once my schedule settles down a bit, I hope to one day be as helpful as MalcolmLewis and many of the other frequent posters on this forum.

Thanks for such a great community!