Forum slow

Is it just me or did the forum become slow recently? I’ve noticed that clicking on New Posts often takes several seconds before it gives the results. It seems to “hang” for a while and then suddenly display it… Same thing when posting in a thread, it’ll wait for a few seconds and then it’ll post

Same here.

Good to know. It isn’t on my side then and other sites works as expected - no speed issues

First you think: “did I hit the link or not?” Then, at the end. it coming rather fast.

Yes same here.

hcvv wrote:
> Same here.

nntp = no waiting, no silly avatars, no winking blinking colored
flashing bells and whistles…just pure speedy text. ymmv


Is that why you show up as a guest?

EDIT: Oh yeah it is slow for me sometimes as well. I have got it down to DNS, switching to OpenDNS solved my issue.

> Is that why you show up as a guest?

yep, but there is an option to associate the web forum ID with the
nntp mail address and then show as that ID, replacing the ‘guest’ tag…


Looking at the addresses, this looks like a local problem; I have not noticed any change here in the north of England.