Forum slow with FF, "buggy" with konqueror

Browsing this forum from firefox is almost impossible: after a quick start, it takes ages to load each page. Konqueror browse it with easy, but shows a red bug that says the web page have coding errors.
This happens on openSUSE 11.1 with kde 4.1.3, but I’ve seen the problem in fedora 8 with kde 3.5.10. Both systems are (were… the fedora system was formatted) in Spanish.
Any idea?

I think this is at your end. And it almost certain to be connected to hardware issues.

FYI I use Firefox all the time when accessing these forums and don’t have
any problem

Kim (2/18/2009 11:55:26 AM Mountain)

I don’t have a problem with the speed but the bug is showing in the bottom right hand corner of my KDE.4.2 Konqueror screen.

What about that Bug of Kim’s @kgroneman

Totally does your head in after a while!rotfl!

Well, considering that the site works with konqueror I think it is not a hardware problem.
Other sites works OK.
Is it possible that those “coding error” “interact” with my locale, creating the problem?

No problems for me with Konqueror or Seamonkey.

I would be surprised if it did; I get the coding errors message from Konqueror in a different locale but I don’t get the slow response you speak of - unless I use my broadband connection at a time when I know it is congested. Then everything slows down.