Forum skins, revisited

A little background: There are currently three forum skins available. Default, Green, and Basic. Default and green are extremely customized skins and Basic is the vBulletin default skin with color and graphics added. With each vBulletin update, customized skins need to be manually updated (because vB doesn’t want to overwrite the customizations). It takes too much resource to keep all the skins updated. (1 full day for minor updates, 4-5 days for major updates. Minor updates come approximately monthly and major updates approximately yearly)

Now you have that information, pretend you are a decision maker as well as a forum member. I’d like to find what you thinks should happen. Here’s an unoffical, just gathering information poll I’d appreciate if you helped me with. Thanks!

I used to use phpbb all the time, and had no problem with updates and my skins/themes.

What I would do is make heavy use of the diff and patch tools. Make a diff of your theme as opposed to the base theme. When the new version comes out, reapply that diff. It should save you a bunch of time.

That’s exactly the way we do it. Two custom skins here (and the same on the Novell forums side)

I voted for default & green. Green for those who want a choice,besides I like it too,default because I’ve gotten use to it.

Hmm… in first instant I voted to keep all tree, but having an other thought on your words I’d for for 'Keep green & basic '.
Any chance in changing my vote? :slight_smile:

There have also been suggestions to make the green default… As it’s speedier and you have more overview over the posts having no menu bar on the left.
Is that something that is still being discussed?


Default is so good in its look with openSUSE wiki that its a shame to change it. I guess that Ill change it when the wiki changes its looks (Guess there will be another default that incorporates too :slight_smile: )

I like the default skin and never tried the other ones. I just tried green and basic and for some reason didn’t feel very comfortable, and the default has more option any way. It matches very well with everything else in openSUSE, elegant and simple looking but superior in functionality.:smiley:

I use green most of the time. I like the style of the basic but not the colour scheme or header it uses.

The problem with the default screen is that I nearly always use a laptop with a 15" screen and the left hand panel is wasted screen space. The fonts also seem smaller and harder to read than the other two skins.