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I only have two, hope I deserve it:)
How many are yours.:\

Currently 18. But I find many forget to come back - but thanks to those that do!

I was wondering what happens to us when we progress over the 3000 posts mark, currently we only have a top of 2000
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Hey your a champ, if there is a forum election you are a candidate.
Anybody can’t/can surpass caf4926 numbers are most welcome to post:cool:

Looks like I’ve managed to accrue 15 :slight_smile:

@caf4926, you get to take a break and go find somewhere that doesn’t
rain so much :slight_smile:

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
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Yeah. I wish. Froze my butt off Thursday morning standing 3 hours on a road covered in 1" of ice and trying to recover my Son’s car (in a hedge and ditch) and rammed from behind by a very pretty young lady who was overcome by the whole incident.:open_mouth: Just realized that could sound a little lewd;).

Anyway, number don’t always add up. I’m sure there are just as many equally or more qualified but just don’t have so much free time or quite such an understanding other half.:wink:

Yep, you can tell with the amount of the posts, I didn’t reach those figures in the five years I’ve been lurking in the opensuse forums.:slight_smile:


Well I must admit I been lurking lately, with 11.1 almost here and
Christmas not far away (Xmas shopping etc), I have been busy elsewhere.

I’ve also been spending time on the build service, getting a few
programs up and working on 11.1 for myself. There have been a few
changes to the locations of files as well as package name changes, so
dependiences etc seem to get broken…sigh. But the more playing with
it, the build service is a fantastic tool and removes the requirement
for a major development platform of my own.

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
openSUSE 11.1 x86 Kernel
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GPU GeForce 6600 TE/6200 TE - Driver Version: 177.82

I don’t know about these numbers, but you guys would be welcome in my home for Bar-B-Que anytime. That’s what I call a good reputation.:wink:

I can add a reputation for you if the b-b-que has a nice glass of liquid partner;)

This is starting to sound more like a Summer Beach Party than a Yule-Tide Muse.

Seriously, back to topic. I’m not sure there is any real clarity to the whole ‘REP’ thing. First, it’s not very clear it’s even there. Second, in the User Control Panel the results of ‘REP’ are equally ambiguous. What does the little bullet box mean, some of mine are grey and others green.

It would be nice to see it all mean something. At the moment it is all rather vague and lacking definition. There is a thread promoting ‘REP’: Rewarding Good Answers - openSUSE Forums

Improvement in this could be helpful to new users, it would help them identify more easily those who can potentially offer the best advice. Let’s face it, they don’t know ‘oldcpu’ from ‘joe_blogs’.

At the same time though, we want to maintain the forum’s community spirit, where ALL feel involved, part of a team.

I dunno, but I think that the newbies have to hang out a bit to decide who to trust, but some of us have been around a long time. I don’t need a reputation scale to tell me who the good guys!

Speaking of forum features, I just realized we have a Friends feature, and did not know that I had requests waiting.:open_mouth: I am sorry for those who had sent requests and might have thought that I was ignoring them. It was not my intent.

I notice that oldcpu has close to 4000, and nothing happened to him, so don’t worry that anything too bad will happen.

And I looked at the link – looks like we need to devise a new set of titles soon because the existing set will be 6 months old come Xmas. Time for a new set after that I feel.

Puzzled Penguin 0
Student Penguin 50
Explorer Penguin 100
Busy Penguin 250
Parent Penguin 500
Wise Penguin 1000
Omniscient Penguin 2000

We could (in addition to the name changes) space out the steps at the beginning and add maybe a 3000 and a 4000, what do you think?

Lee (oldcpu) was on a mission earlier today trying to organize stickie’s : Suggestions for openSUSE-11.1 Newbie Installation stickie? - openSUSE Forums

Are we going to have a new thread for all the title suggestions?

As for extending the steps 3000…on…? I wonder where we stop?
Since the current 2000 Omniscient Penguin = GOD. I mean where do you go from there?

Sure – I’ll check the mods to see whether they think it’s time.

Obi-Wan Kenobie? Darth Vader?
If we have a new set of names, something appropriate will emerge.

Yep, we have the right to know all of those. In the reputation I think there are two kinds. one positive and one negative so we better check it out.:wink:

I hear ya;)

OK Folks, put your suggestions here: