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I seem to be having problems with permissions everywhere!:O! IF I log in on the front main page, then switch to the Forums, it says that I am NOT logged in. So, I try to log in and it won’t let me. However… IF I go back to the main page and Log out, then come back to the Forum … I can log in???:question: Think there is a minor problem here. -But- thanks for all the efforts.
Guess my first statement needs explaining. Permissions are messed up on Samba for this 11.4 M6, at least for me … and a few others.

IF I log in on the front main page
Which is? url?

I take it this is in M6 Firefox 4

Hi Cat… ooopss Caf,

1. Login on [Main Page - openSUSE](
2. Click on **Support.**
3. Select **Forums** ... and click on it.
4. Click on **Pre-Release Beta**.
5. Read messages and then try to respond....
6. You will be asked to log in again.
7. It will not let you.
1. Do not log in on the **Main_Page**
2. However, select **Support** and click on it.
3. Click on **Forums.**
4. Now in forums try to log in.
5. IF you get the login page, Enter your Name and Password.
6. Click on OK, Finish or Accept ... I don't remember but whatever it is to complete the login.
7. Then you will get ***Page Not found!***
8. It is a bit of a struggle to go back to the previous pages -BUT- when you get back to the Forum Page ... click on Re-Load and you will see that your login was successful ... even though it appeared to not be.

Now then, the above scenarios are the best I can do at the moment.  IF they are not good enough I will go through the whole mess again and write things down on paper as they are happening so that I get the proper sequence of events.  However, *I just can not believe* that I am the only one that this is happening to. Maybe, just maybe... I am being punished for something -or- I am not holding my tongue on the correct side of my mouth.  But I have had this happen more than once.  The problems vary according to which -or- where you first login. 


Login page returns to “page not found” - the thread
Login page returns to “page not found” - post #89 and following

I do not think this is connected (much?) with Mozilla Firefox 4 and openSUSE 11.4 Milestone 6 but more with some forums’ hickups: the old one (workaround: delete cookies especially those from other openSUSE sub-projects) and the new one (use the “Go back one page” button and the “Reload current page” button).

Personally I had no more problems with FF 4 beta than with the 3er (apart from finding the right buttons and context menu entries cause they have changed the positions …)

Have a lot of luck

Hi Martin and thanks for the reply. It is good to know that I am not the only one. I too had the same problems in the previous version and was hoping that they would be fixed in this version. -But- as you say, it might just be with the Forums and not with openSuSE or Firefox.

Once again, thanks and have fun,

i see your M6 question has been addressed…

if you have a question about forums permissions it should be voiced in
the Forum Feedback forum which best fits the situation, pick from here:

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Just FYI

To use the forum, I recommend:
Go here:
And you should be fine.

The Main Page you quote, is not the forum.

On Fri, 04 Feb 2011 18:06:03 +0530, chucktr
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> Hi Martin and thanks for the reply. It is good to know that I am not
> the only one. I too had the same problems in the previous version and
> was hoping that they would be fixed in this version. -But- as you say,
> it might just be with the Forums and not with openSuSE or Firefox.

definitely a problem with the forums, not with any browser / version. the
same thing happens to me, fortunately very infrequently, and deleting all
openSUSE & novell related cookies always solves the problem, no matter
what browser i use. it’s something to do with session management. the
forum software keeps track of the logged in users using cookies on our
computers, and when something gets out of sync, it won’t let you in until
it can place a fresh cookie.


This anomaly has been around for the last two months. I was chalking it up to growing pains of our new wiki page.

We should be able to log in the same way we did last year. Can some one look into this?



I use the forum and other areas quite a bit and never have any trouble. But I’ll raise the matter with Kim

Thanks Caf

It’s probably something really minor.

I just tested again using Firefox 4 instead of Firefox 3.6.13. The problem has gone away.

Folks should check this too according to Kim
openSUSE Forums FAQ

openSUSE Forums FAQ : Why do the forums sometimes act like I’m not logged in when I’m logged in?

Not that I am against encouraging people to read the so called FAQ - including the terms and conditions - but I put my hope more on citing and the search function (and maybe Google and maybe-maybe an according tag)…


I had experienced a number of Forum access problems following install of 11.4 MS5. I speculated that Firefox 4 was somehow involved, and regressed FF to 3.6.13. Once again, all was well. Having experienced Firefox 4 problems on 11.4 and Windows, I felt it was something for a later date. I will give Firefox 4 another try, although I have some serious concerns with FF 4, in the area of extensions and the elimination of the status bar.


I think that Firefox 4 should NOT have been included in 11.4 Milestone releases. FF4 is not even released for stable oS platforms, and inclusion opens up unnecessary problems.


No need to rant :wink: Speak up in the right place…
openSUSE:Communication channels - openSUSE
[opensuse-factory] Firefox status for 11.4](

Or jump on IRC #opensuse-factory to ask…

Thanks to all for the various answers and information. I see now that my problem is probably my own. The timeouts and cookies are valid reasons for what I, and others, are experiencing. I am sometimes signed on, get distracted by family requirements, and then when I come back and continue I run into these problems. -But- I didn’t realize that there was a timeout / cookies limitation. The reason it wasn’t consistent was cause I wasn’t consistent. So once again, thanks for all the info and all your time. Hopefully anyone else experiencing this same “problem” will read this section and also understand.
Take care and have fun,