Forum login screen has changed

You may have noticed that you now go to a Novell login screen instead of an openSUSE login screen when you click that LOGIN button at top right. That’s temporary. You’ll find the same thing on the openSUSE wiki if you click on the “Sign Up” link. We’re moving the login system from the iChain platform to the Access Manager platform which, with all the user data that needs to be migrated and the multiple systems involved, will take quite a while. In the meantime we’ll be changing the login screen a bit over the next few weeks to make it a little easier to work with until the actual change over occures. It’s cosmetic and shouldn’t have an effect on the working of the forum.

Thanks for the info.

Logging in is the same except eye-candy changed.

Here’s what I noticed:

1: My password manager did not recognize the url when I signed in.

2: Halfway through a forum session, I started getting login prompts when reading threads. So I clicked on the login prompt again. That immediately logged me in, presumably based on cookies, instead of prompting for a password.

I hope that’s was just a temporary problem due to the changeover.

I noticed a similar time out when trying to post.