Forum Log-In defaults to search dialog


I know this is the “wrong” forum for this subject, but what seems like it should be the “right” one,

does not allow me to post!

So since this forum does allow me to post, I’ll do it here and someone will either answer it or tell me where I CAN post it:

When I log in to it defaults to

with an error message about “errors” in my search.

How can I get it to default to

or even better,

since it’s the only language I speak.

No matter what I do I wind up back in the same “search” dialog.


I am not complete understanding your problem, but what I read from it’s title, this should be in the Forums Feedback > How to use the forums sub-forum. This will be moved there and is closed for the moment.

Moved from Install/Boot/Login and open again

As said above, I can not follow all what you say above.

When I open the main page of the forums in my browser (e.g. from my Bookmarks) and then click the Login text somewhere upper-right and login, then I am returned after wards to the same main page, but then in logged in status.

Same when I start visting the forums on another page (e.g. from an RSS feed item) and login from there, I am returned to the page I was on. Quite satisfactory (and logical) to me.

O.K. - now that you’ve got me into Forums-Feedback, I CAN post.
So … how can I change the default page I log-in at?

Of course! That’s the way it’s supposed to work. But it DOESN’T work for ME.
That’s why I’m asking for help! I want to know how to get the log-in process to
work the way it’s supposed to for me too.

I’m consistently returned to the “search page”.

I’ll check in later on this - it’s 4:30 in the morning here and I haven’t been to bed…

Assuming that with ME you do not mean your personal self, but the system you use. we have to find out why you have this ecperience that is different from what all other members here have (AFAIK).

So let us sttart with gathering information like:
which OS? That is openSUSE 132. IIRC.
which desktop?
which browser?
any other things that you should know as being different in our system from what most people would have?

Does this thing happen when using another system (maybe a friends one, does not even have to be openSUSE)?

In the mean time I will try if I can find anything peculiar connected to your username here.

AFAIK this is set with a cookie. Please try if the phenomenon exists in another than your usual browser, f.e. Konqueror instead of Firefox.

And an addition to the cookie idea: clean out
openSUSE, SUSE, Novell and Microfocus ones…

Hi again:

Using Firefox 49.02 - I deleted all the above-suggested cookies and re-registered the and urls in the LastPass password manager, which works great if you ever get it set up correctly, and even then some sites are problematic.

I seem to have a workable password arrangement now, so thank you, Knurpht and Henk, all good now on this one.