Forum Layout - Sneak Peek

From the folks in the back room that keep the forum software running…

We’re using the default template and using CSS to match the style of
the new openSUSE web pages. Stay tuned for an announcement of when
we’ll actually be doing the upgrade. Here’s what it’s looking like on
our test server:](

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
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This looks very nice indeed and I am sure it is requiring lots of effort to setup and make work. I guess I don’t understand what has been going on with the forum software however. We got a new look a few weeks ago and then some important features like Quick Links and Searching started having problems and then finally, the whole look took a retro change of today, with features working again, but not the original or even updated look. I do hope the new look will include all of the working features we have come to love and use all of the time.

Thank You,

At the first I didn’t like this new look;), but now I like it, good work!:wink:

Thanks for the preview. It looks modern. Reserving judgment until the until new system is available.

I like the new look very much! It gives a clean yet modern look to me. I also like how the New User How To/FAQ is mentioned right at the top. Keep up the good work!

Take Care,


I’ve noticed this style on the Software Center I like it. I’m looking forward to it & having Search back.
Finally Good work guys!