Forum layout messed up?

Is it just me or is the forum layout messed up? A few screenies to show you how it looks over here](](

Yes, it is messed up.

Some CSS updates on the main openSUSE website were done today. Unfortunately, it seems the changes have some effects on the forums template.

The forum admin is aware of the problem and I guess this issue will be solved asap :wink:

Cool, thanks for confirming :slight_smile:

Wonder why this stuff keeps constantly breaking from the seams - perhaps a little “less” integration would have been better for the whole forum.

It just seems things constantly break around here or the o.o infra in general.

I had updated to the new Chromium and I thought it went crazy!
Thanks… after reading this thread, I checked in firefox!

On Opera en Chomium all alright again.

Great job.

Yea… back to normal.