Forum layout changes

You’ll notice some forum layout changes starting today with some “tweaking” in the next week or so. This is in preparation for our move to vBulletin 4.x which will be coming soon with new forum templates. Please excuse the inconvenience of change. :peace:

I see that ATM it’s using the previous layout, with extracts of the most recent post in each sub-forum, like a “preview” layout.

I’d like to say that, although I understand the reasons for the change to the new, more compact layout - mainly to help new users post in the right sub-forum - I do miss this “preview” layout. I’ve navigated to (and learned something new in) many threads on fora I wouldn’t normally access but for the “preview” layout.

Maybe it could be possible to combine both layouts, something like the compact one at the top of the page and the “preview” layout at the bottom?

I’ve read the thread on the difficulties the operators have in effecting changes due to restrictions on the server/forum software, so this is by no means a complaint, just an idea.

Thank you.

I mean, at the initial page.

You may be excused, Sir. ;9 Question: How about editing posts? Right now it seems as if all old posts are not editable anymore. Will this be “standard” for the new forum structure (like: Once you´ve posted, you´re trapped) or does that just apply to the posts before the software change?

Cheers everyone, I´m happy to be back.

Editing can be done within a 10 minutes after posting. Older posts cannot be edited for obvious reasons.

@Kim, I’ll wait and see for all the beauty that’s coming to us :slight_smile:

Ack! Now you know how long I haven´t been here. Totally forgot. Thanks for pointing, Knurpht!

Well - i’m liking what i see already chaps…

Good Wook - cheers, vj

eh…? I can’t edit ‘Wook’ to ‘Work’…

if you use the advanced reply screen there are two buttons: one marked “Preview Post” which can be easily used to catch any mistakes prior to clicking the other one which says “Submit Reply”…

the latter is kinda like sending an email, done is done…except in some forums here sometimes you can edit for up to ten minutes…

Thanks DenverD - duly noted…