Fortran programming - new user

New user to Linux. Just installed 12.1. So far so good!
I would like to learn how to program in Fortran. I have bought myself a decent Fortran 90/95 book but now need to know the following

  • As a beginner, what editor/debugger/environment would be best to use?
  • What compiler should I use?
  • Any other tips?
    Sorry for the embarassingly basic questions. My searches so far just seem to bring up complex compiler issues.

Many thanks!

First of all you need to decide whether you want to master Fortran or some other languages like Java, C++, C etc.

You may install different Fortran flavors available in Linux.

zypper search fortran

Once decided which flavor to be installed, use something like the following (in this example, Fortran 77 in being installed):

zypper install gcc33-fortran

There is plenty of help available. Just google it