Formatted subtitles are broken for me?

I appear to have installed an inferior subtitle decoder for xine / gstreamer somehow. I reinstalled SUSE and installed my media packages in a different order, and something seems to have given me a very basic / inferior subtitle rendering engine. Subtitles do not autoload (I have to view->subtitles->eng) in videos where they’re embedded, and they do not have their supplied formatting (all at bottom, plain text, forced font in preferences.)

Now, as someone who uses a lot of containers with embedded subs with extensive attention to formatting, this is completely unacceptable. What can I do to fix this? I have ffmpeg, libxine and libxine1, the vlc beta, totem, xine-gui, and a few more packages. Only thing that’s new is the VLC beta…and on Windows VLC doesn’t support formatted subs, but I thought VLC used its own builtin codecs without touching system codecs to make it portable?

Oh, and Yast’s conflict resolution is broken for me. I select a specific option (replacement) and click accept, which results in me getting hit by…the same dialog…the same contents…forever and ever and ever until I press cancel.

Appendum: Sometimes a line of subtitles is cut in half vertically, and they’re smaller and at the VERY BOTTOM. Anything formatted to go at the top / specific sizes and custom fonts that worked flawlessly prior to a reinstall is gone, and I think it was working earlier today.

I do hope bumping’s allowed. Way I skip around the nasty yast bug is to just use zypper to force install the package. Subtitle bug’s still around, can’t find a fix.