Formating SUSE


I installed OPENSUSE 11.1 on my laptop. I am really new with it, and I think it is too difficult for me. How do I format it and install XP only on my laptop? I tried put the XP disk in the drive and reboot, but it does not work.
It keeps booting SUSE 11. Please help.


You have the BIOS set to boot from harddisk. Set it to boot from CD/DVD and off you go. You have to hit DEL or F2 or other during power on.

Also, I understand that XP can sometimes be funny about recognising linux partitions in order to delete them. You should hopefully be able to just blank the drive from within the XP installer, but if it won’t let you, try using a Live CD to do it. This would work if you don’t have one.

GParted – Live CD/USB/PXE/HD